Moving your household all at once is never an easy feat, especially when you’re downsizing, purchasing new furniture, or simply don’t want to clutter your space all at once. No matter what your reason for choosing a warehousing service, Burgess Relocation is hands-down the best option in the area when it comes to a secure, organized, and high-quality warehousing management experience. We’re dedicated to delivering a unique customer experience every time, which is why we’ll work with you to find the perfect warehousing, distribution, and storage solution for your business.

Rancho Mirage Distribution

Our warehousing team does more than serve the area’s storage needs. We also work with commercial services to store and distribute their products, making it easier than ever to streamline your sales system. Managing timely deliveries is more important than ever, and our warehousing team is committed to making your business’s distribution in Rancho Mirage faster and more efficient than you imagined possible. With our organized warehouse, highly trained warehousing staff, and quality transport systems, your team will have nothing but sales to worry about.

Our Storage Services

When it comes to storage in Rancho Mirage, no company comes close to the quality of service we offer.  Like all of our services, storage with Burgess Relocation is fully customized to your your needs, offering a variety of spaces, security levels, and storage-types for your items. Some of storage options we offer our customers include:

  • Document Storage
  • Commercial Storage
  • Medical Records Storage
  • Retail Storage
  • Office Furniture Storage

And more!

Call our Rancho Mirage warehousing specialists today to learn more about how our lightning-fast shipping and storage options can help you optimize your business. You can also fill out our online form to request your free estimate.