It’s that time again, time for people to get together and listen to music and relax. This past weekend was the opening weekend of the Coachella Festival. This is not a good time to be moving in the Coachella Valley as there is very heavy traffic due to the festival. Fans come from all over, including from overseas just to come in to be at the festival. This may sound extreme to some but not to the die hard fans. This past weekend they even had what could possibly be a once in a life time opportunity; during the closing night performance which was done by both Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, Tupac, a rapper who was killed over 15 years ago appeared on stage with them. Folks in the crows were amazed and baffled at the same time, wondering if it was a double or technology. It turns out they had used technology to create a hologram image of him. This technology is all hulled in on Coachella Valley commercial moving companies as well as the rest of the performers gear and audio equipment. Next time you see a truck it could have Tupac in it, or at least the digital representation of him. Over all the festival is a good safe time. Police reported of the 85,000 people attending there were only 134 arrests; which isn’t that much for so many people.