Most people associate climate controlled storage as a good thing, which in most cases it is true. In the hot desert climate of the Coachella Valley the commonly used climate control system used is Swamp Cooler. Swamp Coolers are very different from other forms of cooling systems in that it uses the premise of evaporation of water to cool the air. Many moving companies in the Coachella Valley use this form to cool their storage facility, though some choose not to because of the negative effects on the goods stored. Although the desert air is very dry, mechanical cooling systems such as swamp coolers create humid tropical conditions inside buildings. These humidity extremes can be harmful to fine furniture as the wood swell and shrink as the humidity goes up and down. This can eventually lead to damage to wooden furniture.

The Coachella valley is a place of climate extremes. The temperature can rise to over 125° Fahrenheit in the summer and drop below freezing in the winter or at night. With high temperatures accompanied by high humidity the efficiency of swamp coolers is drastically reduced during these months, and can be the least favorable for swamp coolers use in the use of cooling storage facilities in the Palm Desert. Using a swamp cooler during these times only increases the humidity and does little to cool the air. With the increased humidity comes the increased chance for mold to grow and damage your furniture.

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