Are you struggling to store and maintain file systems that seem to stack miles high?

You aren’t alone. Fortunately, there’s a smarter way to do business. Burgess North American offers comprehensive file storage solutions for businesses of all sizes, keeping paper records more secure than ever in our massive, high-security document management facility.

Premium Records Management and Document Storage in Palm Springs

Our advanced records storage services cater to all kinds of Coachella Valley and Banning businesses seeking relief from extensive paper records. Whether your documents are medical, financial, or legal in nature, Burgess Relocation can help you ensure the safety and privacy of your clients’ information.

We offer the most advanced document management services available in the area– keeping records secure, organized, and easy to retrieve. Here are the 3 biggest advantages of our Records Management Systems over traditional records storage methods:

  • Increased Security:
    • When you choose our facility for your document management needs you can rest assured that your information is safer than ever. Our military-approved facility is fire-safe and is protected by advanced security system.
    • We also carry shelving specially designed to withstand seismic activity, so you know that your files will remain in place in the face of a disaster. Additionally, we can deliver activity reports every quarter, so you know exactly who is handling your documents and when.
  • Save Space:
    • File storage can overwhelm your office and deplete your space over time, creating chaos in your workflow, especially when you decide to redesign or relocate your office space.
    • Document storage with our secure facility prevents the clutter from consuming your office space, without reducing accessibility. In fact, our record management services have helped hundreds of businesses become MORE organized and efficient.
  • Increased Organization with a Full Range of Management Services
    • We don’t stop at records storage. Our facility utilizes barcode and GPS technology to provide the most accurate record management possible. Our customers can simply call or fax a request to receive their documents, making the hassle of retrieval, lost documents, and time-consuming file sorting a thing of the past.
    • With our trackable vehicles, expedited delivery, and pickup options, you’ll wish you’d chosen our services sooner.

When you’re ready to get serious about organizing and protecting your business, call the experts of Burgess at (760) 235-4211. We’re on the line ready to revolutionize your record keeping system to keep both your business, and your mind, clutter free.